Asphalt Repair

For Asphalt Maintenance, Asphalt Repair, and complete Asphalt Rehabilitation Services, trust the name with over 60 years of experience: Chambers and Sons!

A newly paved road

You Just Won’t Find the Same High Level of Asphalt Repair Services Like from Chambers and Sons

If you can remember back to a time when all the backroads were dirt & gravel, you know that in many ways, modern paving, asphalt paving, and concrete paving practices have helped make our world a little easier to travel. But even the best laid asphalt plans can wear down over time, especially if you have exposure to the elements, lots of heavy traffic, or a whole host of other factors. If your parking lots, driveways, shopping center lots, apartment complexes, condos, park areas, or private roadways have deteriorated, you might need our 60+ years of experience in Asphalt Repair. We are one of Western Georgia’s most experienced and most respected Full Service Paving and Asphalt Repair companies. When we say we do the job right, we mean it! Providing good, honest paving services at fair pricing for all our clients is what our entire foundation was built upon, and it’s what we continue doing even today. If you have cracks, holes, or other deterioration of your private lots, public lots, roadways, driveways, or other pavement, call Chambers and Sons Paving today! We get it right the first time! Proudly serving the great State of Georgia since 1958! Call today, and see what we can do for your paving maintenance and repair needs!

Get the Asphalt Repair and Maintenance Services You Need from Chambers and Sons Paving!


Depending on how solid your foundation is below the surface, Asphalt Resurfacing may bring your driveway, parking lot, or other surface back to life! If you know your asphalt surface needs help, but you don’t feel like it’s time to dig it up and start all over, our experts can help advise you on whether Resurfacing might work for you!

Patchwork & Repairs

For top value and more immediate solutions for less, Chambers and Sons Paving can check out your surface, and let you know if our Patchwork & Repairs services would work for you! We can patch driveways, repair potholes, fix drains and curbs, fill cracks, and handle all other kinds of Asphalt Pavement problems with ease! Call us today!

Sealer & Maintenance

At Chambers and Sons Paving, we have the flexibility and capability to handle a wide variety of Asphalt Paving and Asphalt Repair services. This includes projects as large as new paving services for gigantic surface areas, or sealcoating and maintenance projects for our top clientele. If you’re interested in our longtime Asphalt Sealer & Maintenance programs, call our experts today!